Tye Elliott
Serenity Valley Healthcare

I fully endorse Teekona as a high quality builder and a company that goes above and beyond the call of duty for its customers.
[…]when we built Serenity Valley Healthcare, we had several issues with our original General Contractor. When we identified the challenges and amount of time that the project was behind, we contacted Ben Joseph. Ben and his team stepped in and completed the building in the time period that they promised even while discovering several repairs left behind by the original GC.
Subsequently, we had issues arise after completion as a result of the orignal GC not following the engineers plans. Teekona was able to once again step in and do the work necessary to get the building back on track.
One of the most common comments we get from residents and potential residents is how beautiful and spacious our building is. I give alot of credit to Ben and his team for making our facility a comfortable home for our residents.
I would highly recommend Teekona for any project